Popcorn is a .Net Middleware for your RESTful API that allows your consumers to request exactly as much or as little as they need, with no effort from you.

This project is maintained by Skyward App Company

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There are two methods to get the code into your solution:

  1. Check out the project from GitHub. Add the PopcornNetStandard and PopcornNetStandard.WebApiCore projects to your solution, and add references to them as needed.
  2. (Preferred) Nuget! Open up your package manager console and type in Install-Package Skyward.Api.Popcorn and repeat for the Skyward.Api.Popcorn.WebApiCore package and others as desired.

Now that the project is available, you can quickly get up and running by configuring the MvcOptions in your UseMvc call.

	services.AddMvc((mvcOptions) =>
		mvcOptions.UsePopcorn((popcornConfig) => {
				.Map<*SourceType*, *DestinationType*>()